Ramirez Vallejo Art 

My constant search of techniques and concepts has shaped my present work; acquiring sense from an eternal reflection of reality and its social environment. The ideas manifested in my work are more defined every day where the technique, the composition, the texture, the impasto, and the controlled accidents are important participants.


I immerse myself in the painting and instead of reproducing the colors as they are, or should be, I prefer to generate arbitrary actions that lead me to new spaces; there, I can express myself with greater force to the point of generating in me a passion that translates into a total unity that is only finished when it becomes my favorite. All my experiences contribute to the enrichment of my work and its use is determined by real or imaginary selections that are realized throughout the creative process. This gives coherence to the painting as speech with a dialogue that can be deeply rational, or on the contrary, it only invites to see with feelings. Meaning that when I work on a painting or on a sculpture drives me towards a concrete form and this is what I like about my work creating as I am being conducted by my inner force. There are eternal dialogues, mental conferences of ideas, symposiums, debates that occur during this process. I like to go from the real to the abstract, from the conceptual and the rational to the gestural and spiritual.


By means of techniques, always mixed, I look to be able to work large formats for public spaces, and medium format for interior spaces. My work begins with a concept or an idea translated in a subject like the atrocities of war, the duplicitous morality, the lack of identity, the abuse of authority, child abuse, the beauty of the woman etc. I tense a sculpture into different levels until the vision glides over it or I place impasto, textures, colors to a painting which translate into sensations that somehow communicate and invite to watch, to avoid that it goes further inadvertently.


The subjects are born from my everyday life, from my vision of the daily occurrences, or from a historical revision that I am doing on a topic. The subject or reason begins to live with me, to sleep with me, to be associated with what I see; it is repetitive. As a result I investigate it, I read about it, learning every day more details. This happens for a while until for some reason I see how to place it on something like a sculpture, a painting, a sketch and with that I determine what materials will allow me to communicate and better materialize the idea.

I am always studying what happens around me, experimenting with new ideas, to continue creating a heap of techniques to which I will draw from when a work piece requests it. Generally my work walks with me making dynamics alive, something that pleases me enormously. I am not a painter or sculptor of a single technique, a single style, or a single idea. My vision is somewhat postmodern, philosophically speaking; it allows the transformation of the need to express an idea and materialized it in a work of art. To be ready I have handle and master many techniques. I let all the techniques work with my thoughts, thus allowing new ideas to flow.

It has been a path of more than 20 years where every day I have something new to say and hope to continue doing it. I am always trying to say something, some understand me others misinterpret me. I like to celebrate others as much as I celebrate myself.